Hot Stone Therapy History & Benefits

Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art that was just recently rediscovered. It is in fact the most pleasant and highly effective form of physiotherapy. The contemporary form of this bodywork is called Hot Stone Massage and uses two types of stones: basalt and marble.

Hot basalt stones massage the body, leaving muscles relaxed, soothing pain and lifting discomfort. Chilled marble stones are applied on stressed muscles and in areas of chronic and acute pain to bring relief. The ultimate goal of Stone Therapy is to bring complete relaxation on all levels – physical, emotional and psychological.

Stone Therapy is in fact the most pleasant and highly effective form of physiotherapy. Why?

Basalt stones contain metal (iron). When heated, they emit electromagnetic energy that enters the body freely during massage. Every cell gets energized by the intense movement of electrons in the body.

Energy that enters the body causes detoxification of every cell. This process lasts for 2 – 5 days, depending on overall health condition of the person. The next stage of the healing process, full body cell rehabilitation and rejuvenation, starts once detoxification is complete.


The whole body gets health benefits from Stone Therapy. All body organs and systems are stimulated by the energy received from stones:

  • Circulatory system undergoes great improvement
  • Brain activity is stimulated by a huge influx of fresh blood to the brain and cerebral cortex, leading to a positive influence on memory and concentration
  • Lymphatic and eliminatory systems are optimized
  • Digestive system is balanced and functions restored
  • Immune system is improved
  • Stress is dramatically reduced

Hot Stone Massage is extremely relaxing and not only painless, but very pleasant, with numerous health benefits.


Every treatment starts with a layout of heated basalt and chilled marble stones that are lined up alongside the spine. Basalt stones deliver heat and electromagnetic energy to the body, slowly relaxing the muscles and sedating you. Chilled marble stones are strategically placed in area of concern to increase microcirculation. When fresh blood comes to concerning areas, the healing process will start.

Once you are comfortably resting on the stones, chakra stones are placed on energy points and the therapist will massage you with hot stones following energy lines, starting from the tips of the toes all the way to the tips of the fingers. Therapist movements are slow and methodic, allowing the heat and energy from stones penetrate the body. Complete relaxation takes over as you will be moving into a parasympathetic state.

All your tension will dissipate as the hot stones gently trace your every curve, melting away aches and pains and inducing a relaxed euphoria while your body recovers and rejuvenates.

Hot Stone Massage

60 min $98

75 min $120

Trio (75 min) $324

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