Sculpturing Wrap provides instant and visible slimming results that would otherwise take weeks of hard work in the gym or intense dieting. After Nina’s Unique Body Wrap not only will you look and feel better, but many clients drop a complete dress size after 2 treatments. 10 to 25cm in one treatment!

The process involves wrapping the body from head to toe (a bit like an Egyptian Mummy) with special Body Wrap bandages which have been soaked in an concentrated formula packed with minerals for maximum results: all-natural Clay solution, local seaweeds, mixture of mineral salts and infused with concentrated Blue Lotus tincture. While wrapped you will receive 30 minute lymphatic drainage with ALMAG PEMF matt – most advanced technology used in treatment of lymphedema.


Clay and seaweeds will detoxify your body. As soon as the mask is applied on your body, metal toxins are drawn out of your skin through osmotic movement. Iodine, contained in seaweed, helps to make the process even more effective. This aids in stimulating the rate of metabolism and detoxification.

Clay leaves the skin tissue compressed and the skin appears rejuvenated resulting in a smoother and firmer more toned skin.

Blue Lotus concentrate penetrates deep into your skin and muscles. Blue lotus tea is used in Weight Loss programs. It helps preventing carbs and fats from being absorbed, and boosts your metabolism thus you to lose weight. And lotus leaf contains L-Carotene which boosts metabolism.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)  is proven to detoxify your body of heavy metals. Read more

Sculpturing Body Wrap

1 session 2.5 hrs – $220

Series of 3 Wraps – $594 (savings of $66)

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