Miracle Worker

This is a reference letter for Nina Gart. She provided a hot stone massage treatment for me on February 15, 2016.    I have experienced foot pain for several months and decided to try something different. I have done several things over the past few months but have not been able to get rid of the nagging pain in my feet.

After my treatment with Nina the foot pain was completely gone. She is a miracle worker and her technique and knowledge for the industry is easily seen as she does her work. She has a real caring for people and helping them resolve their issues. Not only did she get rid of my pain in short order but she took the time to give me ongoing recommendations to ensure my pain doesn’t come back.

I highly recommend Nina to anyone that want to get rid of pain in their body or simply wants to have an hour of relaxation. She simply is the best therapist I have ever seen and I am truly grateful for having met her and spending the time and money for her special treatment. Keep up the great work Nina!

Lou Sunshine

I am so blessed to have met Nina

I am so blessed to have met Nina and she is now such an important part of my life. I try to see her on a weekly basis and I look forward my special treatment time with her. Every aspect of my physical and mental well being has benefited from her and the various treatments she provides for me.

Nina is a very knowledgeable, compassionate kind person with a magical touch. I see Nina for a variety of treatments including Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Microdermabrasion.

With every treatment she provides the most relaxing and healing experience and my body and skin are improving and radiating with good health and repair.

I recommend Nina to everyone and I can not say enough good things about her and again I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Tracy Jarnell

Highly recommended

I cannot say enough about the Arnica Clinic, it’s wonderful,Nina is fantastic,she’s warm,caring,understanding,she makes u feel good about yourself. Her service she supplies is great, any questions or concerns you have she happy to help you with. When I first came to clinic I was having microbrasion treatment and we would be talking about other parts of the body that I was having problems with. She also gave me some treatments with hot and cold stones which help with my pain that I was having in my shoulders and arms.Then she introduced to this new machine called P E M F T knows as Pulsating Electric Magnetic Field.Which she was treating for my vircos veins which I have been having a lot of pain in my right leg I have noticed after 6 treatments that swelling in my ankles has gone down and my vircous vein aren’t bugling out as much.Less pain. I highly recommend her service!

Diane Varteresian

You will not be disappointed! 

I met Nina in the time of my life when I had a very little hope for getting rid of pain in my muscles and joins. From the first moment I was pleasantly surprised by Nina,s knowledge , variable skills and absolute passion for what she has been doing. After my first stone therapy treatment I was sleeping like a baby and all my worries just disappeared and I was simply feeling good about myself and the way my body was treated . I also had a very positive experience having a microdermabrasion session with Nina. I also received several Electro Magnetic (PEMF) sessions for my frozen shoulder and bursitis in my hip. I have to say it’s hard to describe it as basically you do not feel much at all but the results are amazing – my shoulder is almost pain free and my hip is better – we are still working on it with the Almag equipment.

I would strongly recommend everyone to visit Nina’ Wellness studio. You will not be disappointed. Nina I really wish you good luck in your business and I am so grateful to the fact that I met you in my life!

Lila Efremova


I have received those testimonials from Michelle and Byron back in 2000 in Calgary (along with many others during my practice and teaching Stone Therapy for over 15 years). I want to share those two with anybody who wishes to read them as they remain very dear to me. I’ve been honored and privileged to perform Stone Therapy on people, suffering from very serious illnesses and conditions who’ve put their trust in me in assisting them on their path of conquering their ailments and getting their lives back on track.

“Nina, incredible! That’s the first word that comes to mind. My Hot Stone Therapy had to be the most relaxing, satisfied 90 minutes I have had in a long time.

I have had many massages & other treatments during the last 2 years (primarily because I have chronic low back pain) but this was by far, the best yet! Not only was the treatment itself VERY good, but you show a genuine caring & concern for your clients.

I will be back. Right now, I don’t even feel as though I have a back injury. I will highly recommend you and this therapy to my friends…”
Michelle Brenton*

*Note from Nina: Michelle suffered from herniated disc as a result of a fall into her basement. She remained in severe pain for 2 years while she was treated for her condition. During those 2 years she could not lay on her back – she slept only on her stomach. This testimonial she wrote to me couple of day later after her 1st Hot Stone Massage. For the first time in 2 years Michelle laid on her back on massage table for almost 40 minutes and walked off the treatment room almost without pain.

“During the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know Nina. It has been her healing touch through the hot stone massage therapy that has helped me enjoy walking again.

Over the past year I began to lose feeling in both feet and since the beginning of this year my ankles started swelling to the size of small footballs. I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness and was having trouble walking. I thought this was something I’d have to live with and the fear of loosening my feet was really beginning to scare me. It was at this point I decided to try something different and that’s when I came to know Nina. It was during our first session that she noticed I had no arches and my ankles were badly swollen. She spent a great amount of time in this area and because of this the pain in my left foot went from a ten to a three, while the pain in my right foot went from a ten to a six.

Nina told me of things I could do to help bring this problem to a very livable level and after second hot stone massage the pain in both feet is down to a two level. The hot stone massage therapy has a way of reaching deep into your muscles and releasing the stress within them. I have found it to be great inner body method of healing.”
Byron Mushaluk**

**Note from Nina: Byron was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years prior his first visit to me, lost almost 100 lbs and lived with severe pain every day. Traditional medical treatments and pharmaceuticals were not brining relief. That’s when Byron came my way for a Stone Therapy massage out of desperation when level of pain in his lower back and legs was unbearable. Right after the first therapy he received dramatic relief in pain, his edema in both legs was almost gone after the first 3 treatments. Byron wrote me this testimonial 6 months later – that’s when I found out that Stone Therapy saved his legs. It’s an incredible testimonial to Stone Therapy and I am proud to be part of it.

PEMF Therapy Helped!

PEMF Therapy helped the swelling in my leg and foot from a recent infection. After only 1 treatment the swelling reduced significantly (went down over an inch!) and pain was way less. After my second PEMF treatment swelling reduced even more (another inch). It’s hard to describe something you can not see, hear or feel but it worked for me and is completely painless. Thank you, Nina!

Amanda Paller

PEMF helped my Sciatica

I am a chronic sufferer with debilitating sciatic pain in my right leg. Usually it takes a few months of physio, acupuncture and massage to control this constant pain.

This December I got grounded with jet another flair – pain all night (could not sleep) pain during the day. I started treatments with PEMF – after 3 – 4 treatments I’ve gained a great deal of mobility and flexibility in my leg. After 10 treatments – I am 95% pain free! It’s all within 20days!!

Now Nina is treating my frozen shoulder. I’ve been suffering from constant pain for over a year. So far I had 7 treatments done. Feel a great deal better – 80% functional!!!

I can’t say enough – thank you, Nina.
Lila Efremova

A true healer!

Nina Gart is a true healer. The whole experience of receiving her treatment is vitalizing, rebalancing and healing.

I suffered from a severe brain trauma, leading to balance and vision problems, and was deeply traumatized for many years. Having tried several other treatments, and endless hours of physiotherapy, I was still living in deep trauma and was energetically drained.

Nina’s hot stone message treatments were able to guide my body to heal and restore balance. I feel human again, and without Nina and Hot Stones I would still be partially functioning and living with severe anxiety, and trauma.

I’m extremely grateful to have found Nina and would highly recommend her to all. A blissful, healing experience!

Matt Dockerty