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Nina has recently introduced a new technology, PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy) and her patients have been amazed at the results. PEMF helps repair damaged cells and is one of the most advanced technologies used for injury repair and pain elimination.

Whole Body Results Using PEMF, Nina’s patients not only experience relief from pain, but feel more energized, sleep better and think more clearly.


PEMF technology has been thoroughly studied for well over 60 years in Eastern and Western Europe and more recently in the USA, and has been unanimously recognized as being 1) extremely safe and 2) extremely helpful at increasing cellular energy. This term “energy” is the universal electrical energy that every single cell in your body requires to maintain its health and vibrancy.

Just recently Heath Canada, Medical Devices Bureau has recognized and approved ALMAG PEMF equipment for use in Canada and issued a Medical Device License for ALMAG equipment. *

Scientists refer to this energy as the “cell membrane potential”, but the easiest way to think about it is as the cell’s “battery charge”. Living cells are very similar to the batteries we use in our daily lives. As a cell becomes tired, overused or damaged its “charge” or battery power runs low. Like a cell phone, cordless drill, or anything else that runs on batteries, once the charge is low, it does not work.

Nikola Tesla was the first person to be recognized for using electromagnetic fields as health devices. He filed a patent in the early 1900s for the Tesla coil (PEMF Device).

Scientists discovered that very specific low intensity magnetic fields and certain low frequencies possessed the ability to gently “assist” in the living cells natural recharging process, thereby boosting the cells energy to its fullest potential. This process is now referred to as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF).

PEMF also improves the blood flow in the exposed area, thus reducing blood viscosity and, consequently, the risk of blood clot formation (thrombosis). The blood vessels are widened, additional capillaries are opened, and their permeability enhances. All of the above boosts blood circulation in the affected area, supplies the cells with extra oxygen, and stimulates formation of building and protective proteins in the cells, whilst removing the inflammation products out of them. This activation of metabolism prevents disease progression and accelerates regeneration processes and recovery of the diseased cells.

Magnetic field therapy thus activates the body`s self-restorative function in the healing process by direct stimulation – without surgical intervention, drugs, or side effects.

It has been shown to be successful in the treatments of many conditions: Arthritis, Circulation, Depression, Healing (bone & wound), Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Pain Nerve Repair, Sports Injuries, Pain, Osteoporosis, Sleep Disorders, Varicose Veins and many more conditions.

Some of the benefits of PEMF Therapy:

  • Increases cellular oxygen levels
  • Promotes faster healing of injuries
  • Increases blood and fluid circulation
  • Repairs injured tendons and fractured bones
  • Reduces fibrous and scar tissue formation
  • Relaxes muscles and increases range of motion
  • Improves energy levels
  • Reduces and often eliminates pain
  • Works as a catalyst to increase bone density
  • Accelerates tissue repair – wounds heal in one-third regular time
  • Improves circulation by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries
  • Increases cellular oxygen absorption up to 200% – reduces risk of cancer
  • Improves degenerative nerves and tissue, the cause of neuropathy & numbness
  • Stimulates the mood improving neurotransmitters – reducing anxiety & depression
  • Helps the cells and organs to detoxify and release toxic chemicals and heavy metals
  • The pH becomes more alkaline – reducing risk of arthritis gout & cancer
  • Reduces inflammation – reduces the enzymes that create inflammation by up to 75% and more

ALMAG PEMF treatments are performed 2-4 times a week. Regular treatment lasts from 10 – 30 min.

There are no side effects and the results are truly remarkable.


PEMF Single Session – $65.00

PEMF Package of 10 – $350.00

Rent PEMF Almag1 Home Care Device – $90.00 for 7 days

Purchase PEMF Almag1 Home Care Device – $550.00*

*Nina Gart is the official Distributor of ALMAG PEMF equipment

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PEMF Therapy Helped!

PEMF Therapy helped the swelling in my leg and foot from a recent infection. After only 1 treatment the swelling reduced significantly (went down over an inch!) and pain was way less. After my second PEMF treatment swelling reduced even more (another inch). It’s hard to describe something you can not see, hear or feel but it worked for me and is completely painless. Thank you, Nina!

Amanda Paller

I have had approximately 20 PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy) sessions with Nina because of a heart condition called arterial fibrillation. Nina’s kind, healing and empathetic presence plus her knowledge of the frequency and intensity of the PEMF has been extremely beneficial to my health and well being. I have dragged myself into her office and left energized and happy with far less palpitations. This machine increases blood flow and therefore oxygen to the injured area’s and in my opinion this is a great tool that assists healing. Couple that with a generous dose of Nina’s love and kindness, I guarantee you will leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Marilyn Clark

Nina is amazing! After suffering for almost a year with bicep tendonitis, a month with Nina and her PEMF machine and my arm is almost a 10!! Nina is very knowledgeable and such a sweetheart!!

Alexia Stroud

Nina was such a lifesaver when one day I suddenly couldn’t move because of my low back pain. Only one ALMAG treatment was enough to get me back on my feet, which was quite amazing given that within a day I progressed from a “I needed to lean on her hand in order to walk” misery to a “hey, what about I go for a walk on my own because it’s a sunny day”. Usually it takes me about a week to recover from that pinched nerve disaster, but not this time. For those who deal with a pain on a regular basis, I highly recommend Nina’s Wellness Studio and the ALMAG PEMF treatment. Excellent service, effective treatment.

Olga Romanenko

The PEMF treatment worked very well on my varicose veins. I started to see results after the first treatment! It improved my blood circulation and my legs felt so light at the end of each day. I feel very good and the pain in my legs is not so strong anymore. Nina is very friendly, knowledgeable and focused on how to improve her patients health. Thank you Nina for your help:)

Catalina Gnasienco

I have been seeing Nina for some time now, she is a fantastic person, she is treating me for my varicose veins with PEMF. Since I have been having treatments I have seen a big improvement, they no longer bulge out ,and I have little pain in my legs.

Diane Varterisian